wohnzimmer grau kombinieren

wohnzimmer grau kombinieren

hello and welcome to gebã¤udetechnik today i will present you the berker radio it is a radio, which is provided for mounting into a flush-mounted box that allows the integration into the switch line the radio is also available in the size 55mm x 55mm, which allowsmanufacturer-independent installation you can combine it with various gira and jung programs here you can see the radio in combination in the two-fold frame

but it can be also be mounted separately the speaker can be mounted up to 20 metre away from the radio the connection is realized whith a two-wired cable a good place for the installation would be the ceiling it is a fm radio with a receiving range from 87.5 to 108 mhz it is also a rds radio and can show you date, time, , the station name and even the song title on the display

assumed that such information is available another special feature is the touch screen, thereby the device has no mechanical keys and can also be easily used with wet hands the most common place of use is certainly the bathroom and kitchen where it is usual to have wet hands a second speaker ist optional

which allows stereo sound you can also connect a cinch jack outlet which gives you the possibility for an external audio source that can be a mp3 player or cd player just everything what can be connected to a cinch input the distance between the cinch jack and the radio must not exceed a maximum of 3 meters which allows you a mounting location in the room next door instead of the cinch socket

you can also optionally supports a idock connection that can be also installed up to three meters away from the radio whith the idock an iphone or an ipod can be connected that is a very convenient way to listen to music with the radio and by the way, the battery will be charged, too the control with an external switch is possible, for example,

a light switch or a motion detector can be used or a motion detector can be used than, the radio operates in an extension mode that means, when i enter the room and turn on the light the radio is automatically switched on not everyone likes it, but if someone wants it it is possible the radio is available in the colors

polar white and stainless steel and is offered for all standard and surface ranges from berker a alarm clock with radio stations or an acoustic signal, a timmer, a countdown, a sleep function still in there and the will show you that more detailed berker has made the operation as simple and intuitive that i dont need to explain much, i will just show it to you here you can see the rds information of the program or the song titel

i think that you can see that here we can start the automatic scan here in the menu you can select how you want to be woken either with an electronic alarm or with a radio station a very nice feature is the countdown

because you can use it for cooking, you can set hours, minutes and seconds now i set the time to ten seconds when the countdown has finished, it sounds like that if you want, you can also set the time manually all in all, this is a great device that is fun. the price is depending on the model and color between 150 and 350 € i hope you enjoyed the video and will press the thumbs up button in the next video i will introduce you to the busch jã¤ger radio

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