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wohnzimmer arbeitszimmer kombinieren

hi removed by coolsuren. source: ivandrofly. kaylie! shh! and i fired. as many times as i'vehad this dream... it's never been me before. holding the gun. i know. that's very good.

it implies a true, deeply-rootedacceptance of responsibility. and it tells me that you haven'tonly overcome your delusion in your conscious mind... but in his subconsciousmind as well. it's my opinion thattim is a healthy adult who represents no dangerto himself or anyone else. and i believe he should bedischarged, as the state requested, on his upcoming 21st birthday. going once...

eleven-five twice... sold to the gentleman. congratulations to you, sir.that's bidder number 131. all right, and ournext item for bid is a gorgeous antique mirror,recovered from the levesque estate. the lasser glass is awell-traveled gem. it spent several seasons adorningthe walls at balmoral castle, scottish home of the royal family. this is the original glassand the original frame.

the mirror is in remarkable condition,save for a small hairline fracture down in the lowerright-hand corner. the frame is carved out of onepiece of bavarian black cedar. and we will go aheadand start the bidding at a conservative tenthousand dollars. do i have ten? right herein front. thank you, sir. your sister ispicking you up, then? her message even said somethingabout helping me find a job. that'd be wonderfulfor your transition.

we're at 12,000dollars on the phone... you sure you don't wantme to come with you? - some moral support?- no. but thank you. i think i better dothis part myself. - wait up for us.- of course. remember what we talked about. you've had a support system,a mandated support system, to help you get well. kayliehad to get by on her own. it's very important that youreconnect with your sister.

but it's more important thatyou protect your recovery. - sixteen thousand.- sixteen thousand on skype. that is sixteen, going once.sixteen twice. sold. please pass alongour congratulations. - see you tonight.- ok. son, just pull thedoor when it buzzes. hey, little brother. your half of the estate. oh, apartments.

so all the studies saythat you should transition to a place that isn'tnecessarily large, so i printed off somelistings for studios. but in the meantime, untilyou find one you like, we would love it ifyou stayed with us. kaylie, i don't knowhow to thank you. well, i wanted to talk to youabout all of this sooner. but suddenly they wouldn'tlet me in to see you. it wasn't...

it wasn't that they wouldn'tlet you in to see me. i just had some things i neededto figure out for myself. i get it. i'm your family. the only thing that mattersis that you're here now. i found it. - what do you mean?- you know. it wasn't easy. i tracked it down mostlythrough second bidders,

people who lost at the auctions. it was in storage, part of anestate collection in bremen. it took me a year and a halfto get it into our warehouse and it lasted less than a week. it's about to ship out to a newbuyer, so we only have a few days, but it should be enough. a few days for what, kaylie? to keep our promise. and kill it.

ok, guys, the couch can go there. and those boxes are kitchen. - bam! bam!- tim, we don't shoot the movers. and as soon as i get my filesorganized, you will have them. yes. shoot. can i call you back? jeff, i am so sorry ididn't return your call. i've just been slammed. it's a loteasier when you have a staff. - kaylie's under arrest.- she's not here, buddy.

sneak attack! you are so dead! honey? and this goes? ok,against the wall. watch the molding. thank you. ok. ok. it's fragile. - hey, guys! take it outside.- but, mom... the alternative is moving boxes. oh, come on. come on.

so we'll talk soon. ok. thanks, guys. ok. i'll be right out. so you expanded thefurniture order? i don't know if i'mloving this desk here. were you gonna tell me or justwait till i saw the visa bill? hold on. i was hoping to smooth that overwith a three-piece vanity set that is supposed to be here...is it not here?

i get it. ok. do youroffice however you want. - thank you.- mm-hm. it's a bit ostentatious,though, don't you think? i'm confused, because youwanted the antiques. and i said i was fine with ikea. yeah, i wanted to get a fewpieces to upgrade the place, not turn it into a showroom. listen, we got a newhome, a new company, so we get new furniture.makes sense.

same old wife, though, right? well, i told you iwas fine with ikea. - kidding.- i'm not ikea. you sure you prefer this? our guest room is alot nicer than this. yeah. i think it might be best. my own space. you promised me you'd neverforget what really happened. you promised.

i was ten years old. well... i'm doing it tomorrow night. and... i could really,really use your help. good night, tim. i feel like my scar is more noticeablenow than it was ten years ago. let me take a look.i'm a professional. what scar? we're nowhere near done.

so? you've only put together the bed. that wasn't easy. damn it. shit. no! no! no! it's ok. it's ok. it's ok. it's ok. it's ok. it's just one of your nightterrors. it's ok. shh...

shh... - hey.- hey. so i requisitioned you your own printer.you don't have to share anymore. - we'll take you off the network.- ok. because i guess there weresome complaints about people printing out their sales reportsand finding some really... graphic crime scenephotos from, uh... your computer. i noticed you put in a transferorder for the lasser glass.

- yeah, as a repair.- oh. i thought warren said no repairs. he changed his mind. got to be honest, i'm reallyjust waiting for an explanation for the corpse print-outs. i know things havebeen strange at times. and you know i'm dealingwith some dark stuff, some parental stuff, with tim out. i'll never expect you tounderstand that part of my life.

just bear with me aday or two more. things will get back to normal. i promise. i don't usually get transfer ordersto third-party repair houses. oh, yeah, the buyer wants his guyto look at it before it ships. - but we both know you'd do it better.- no argument there. i'll take it there myself. babysitit every step of the way. better get some furni padsif we're going to move her. hello again.

you must be hungry. i hope this still hurts. you're all set. you all right? i'm great. the guys will wrap herup for you in a bit. thank you, warren. i'll see you at home. my car is by the loading dock.

- hello.- hey. - got a phone.- cool. you just need to sign the order. i don't feel good about theway we left it last night. can we meet up somewhere and talk? of course. can youcome by the house? sure. what's your address? no. the house. yes, i have it in front of me.

i don't know, probably halfan hour. does that work? ok. speak then. oh, crap. i'm gonna get you, you little brat! the answer is still no. oh, my god, ally has oneand maddie has one. i'm the only kid in myclass without a phone. that is terrible.

thanks for nothing, marie. oh! i'm going to run out and get onefor you right now, daughter, love of my life, fruit of my loins. well, i wish i'd been a pineapple. hey kids, do me a favor and don't everchew your nails like your father. - it's gross.- hey, dad? ok... he's dad. i'm marie. who was that lady inyour office today?

yeah, dad, who was thatlady in your office today? what lady? i don't know. just some lady. i don't know. it looks so small. - go on, dog.- you named your dog, dog? no. he doesn't have a name. are you ok? oh, of course.

you haven't been here since... why don't you look around? the house just sat on the marketwhile i was in the foster system. released to me when i turned 18. i was the only homeowner in thefreshman dorms when i started school. i'm thinking we shouldtry and sell it, though. you know, after. so will you help me withsomething before you go? how the hell did you expect toget this thing in here yourself?

to be honest, i didn't. i always thoughtit'd be both of us. over here for now. what's that? yacht anchor. kill switch. so, uh... i understand if youdon't want to stay. i accept that, but igot to get started. i'll stay for a little bit.

excuse me. hello. my nameis kaylie ann russell. i'm 23 years old. i'm with my brother,timothy alan russell. alan, of course, after his father. he's... he's 21 years old. it's 4:15pm on october 13th, and we are at 2705 hawthorne way.

i'll begin by detailing my precautionsbefore i place and uncover the glass. there are three cameras, each onits own independent power circuit, so if any anomalies occur, therecan be a lucid, objective record. i have private land lines for today'sexperiment, along with my cell phone. and i will now ask mybrother for his phone, so that i can controlall electronic devices. i just got this, you know. thanks, timbo. this alarm is set to gooff every 45 minutes

to remind me to change thetapes in the cameras. this alarm is set to go offhourly to remind us to eat. and we're fully stocked onwater to prevent dehydration. now, as for the house itself... each room is fitted withits own thermostat, from which data is collected bysoftware designed to track and record temperature fluctuationsin hospitals. any temperature changes greater thanfive degrees in either direction will set off an alarm.

a third precautionis also in place, but i'll get into thatin a few more minutes. so... the purpose of today's experiment is to prove that the objectbehind me, the lasser glass, is home to an observable,predictable supernatural force. there's no scientific equivalentfor the word "haunted," so we'll just say this object isresponsible for at least 45 deaths in the four centuries ofits recorded existence...

can i just stop you for a second? don't ever turn off a camera. sorry. the origin of the lasserglass is unknown, so i can't provide acomplete history, but the trail startsin london in 1754. philip lasser, the 17thearl of leicester, acquired the mirror and hungit over his fireplace, and... another precaution.

hi, sweetie. how are you? well, i'm checking in,uh, as requested. - you all right?- everything's fine. i know this is silly to ask, butcould you try to call on the hour? it's about seven past. - uh... sure.- i'll talk to you in 53 minutes. and i love you. i'm expecting regular callsfrom my fiance, michael dumont. i told him i'm nervous to bespending time with my recently

un-incarcerated brother,with instructions... - to notify the authorities immediately.- wow. if i do not answer the phone. - in the room.- nothing personal. so, in 1755, philip lasser wasfound in their grand fireplace. burned beyond recognition.while his estate was dismantled and scattered throughoutsouthern england, one of the family's stewards claimedto see philip reflected in the mirror. an allegation apparently takenseriously enough to warrant

a church investigationinto the house. the glass, thereafter knownas the lasser glass, is sold in public auction in 1758. the next known owner is anamerican rail road tycoon, named robert clancy, 1864. clancy apparently weighedover 300 pounds. in fact, while attendinguniversity in connecticut, he was known as thesouth windham whale. he hung the glass in hisballroom in atlanta.

later that year, robertclancy is photographed by a local newspaper and, uh... well, he's dropped a few pounds. his obit was printed a few weeks later.doesn't list a cause of death. unfortunately, he and hisestate and the glass are presumably destroyed in sherman'smarch to the ocean in 1865. and after that, the glass is lost. until it resurfaces inturn-of-the-century new england. the next case of noteis mary o'connor, 1904.

she hung the mirror inher private bathroom. two weeks later, her niece beatricefinds mary dead in the bathtub. now, the official coroner's report liststhe cause of death as, get this... dehydration. the woman died of thirst while soakingin a full tub for three days. the next case of note is alice cardenin lake geneva, wisconsin, 1943. neighbors reported hearing screamsand loud bangs from the house. the police found the childrendrowned in a locked cistern. alice herself was in the nursery,

and both of her legs arecompletely shattered. her left arm is broken in four places,and six of her ribs are crushed. in her right hand is a large hammer she'sbeen using to break her own bones. they find her just as she'sgoing to work on her skull. her right arm, though,is completely unharmed. because she needed it.to wield the hammer. alice later says she believed she wastucking the children into their beds as she sealed theminto the cistern. she never recoversfrom her injuries.

and, oh, the family keptseveral dogs at the farm, including an australianshepherd for the children. let's eat. who exactly are you talking to?on those tapes? all the people who stared, pointed. the kids at school whoalways found out. i guess i'm talking to everyonewho ever called dad a murderer. called you a murderer. look, kaylie, we were just kids.

we made up a scary story so wewouldn't have to accept the fact that our father wasa murderer. he was. he was a sick man whotortured and killed our... you can call me crazy all you like. but you're not allowed totalk about him that way. tobin capp, 1955. starved todeath in his own bedroom. the mirror was hung over his dresser.he had a pet dalmatian. 1965, california. the mirror hangs in the lobby ofthe hill trust bank in san diego.

a ten-year teller, marcia wicker,locks her manager in the bank vault and then chews througha live power line. - 1975, marisol chavez...- kaylie... dies in her bedroom ofhemorrhaging due to a miscarriage. in her nightstand, they findevery single one of her teeth in a little plastic bag anda pair of bloody pliers. - 2002...- there's a huge difference between causation and correlation. i know the difference, thank you.

ok then. in 2001, mom anddad bought that new couch. same year, grandpa had a heart attack,robbie schultz got hit by a car. and our cat ran away. how much of that do youblame on that couch? can i get back to this now? sure, but let's get to it, kaylie. let's talk about whywe're really here. let's. 2002.

the lasser glass adorns thehome office of alan russell. software designer.husband to marie. father to timothy and kaylie. within two weeks of its arrival, marie suffers an intensepsychological breakdown and is tortured and murderedin the family home. by whom? by her husband. so say the police reports.

and her husband was shotto death by her own son. right in front of her daughter. i intend to prove that none ofthe people i've just described were responsible for their actions. alan russell was not amurderer. he was a victim. one of many, as it turns out. victims of the supernatural forcethat resides in that mirror. so why don't we just end it rightnow and smash the goddamn thing? you really don't remember, do you?

remember what? please, smash it, by all means. okay. you know, i've learned a lot about whathappens to people when they can't... can't process something horrible. the mind creates all kinds ofprotections to help them cope. and once that belief's taken root, the mind takes random information andforces it to support that narrative. how many thousands of recordsdid you have to pore through

to find 12 or 13 thatsupport your case? why did you put the stool down? because i'm trying to havea conversation with you. uh-huh. only one person iknow of was ever documented trying to break the mirror.oliver jeffries. 1971. a teacher at manhattan'sduhame academy, where the mirror hung inthe central lecture hall. one morning he reportedly ran atthe mirror with a fireplace poker, shouting about how itneeded to be destroyed,

but he never struck a blow.according to the students, he stood there quietlyfor almost a minute before walking out of thehall and into traffic. it's clearly capable ofdefending itself, and... i think it just disarmed you. you know why i didn'tsmash the mirror, kaylie? besides you getting fired or chargedwith destruction of property? it isn't mine to break. no one can break yourdelusion for you.

you have to do it yourself. which leads me to myfinal precaution. you're looking at a20-pound danforth anchor. another 20 pounds added with barbells,attached to a modified ballast rail and a spring pin lock connectedto a mechanical kitchen timer. no electricity, which is important,and we're about ten seconds away. if the timer is not manuallyreset every 30 minutes, that is, if no one ishere to stop it... the mirror goes right there. andthe only thing to prevent that

from happening again isour continued survival. you know why we don't have towait for it to come out and play? because we've got aloaded gun to its head. and i expect it'll beeager to defend itself. aah! it doesn't hurt. it doesn't hurt. hey guys? come into my office for a second. i thought i was pretty clear aboutyou guys not messing around in here.

we don't. i don't like it in here. all right, well, what is this? we didn't do that. you know, i can hear you guys atnight, messing around in here. i was a kid once, too. i get it.i know the move has been difficult. this isn't gonna happen anymore. ok? and if you're messing aroundwith your mother's plants,

you're gonna cut that out, too. you know what deadplants are evidence of to me? problems with the watersupply and maybe a bad tank. i seem to remember drinkingout of a brita filter. oliver jeffries, deadplants in the classroom. tobin capp, deadplants in the bedroom. garden service at hill trustbank couldn't understand why they had dead plantsall over the place. live plant.

live plants in the living room. live plants, plants that have life. - these are your rules, by the way.- give it time. it always starts withthe low-hanging fruit. it wasn't just the plantsit fed on, though. there was another variable, too. dog! sorry, dog. hydrate.

- come on, boy.- come on, mason. go fetch. - come on. mason.- go fetch. chase the stick. chase the stick. come on. go. go. i mean, the wholereason i got this thing was because you were freakedout that we weren't safe. said you saw somebody down here. yeah, but that doesn'tmake me feel safer. quite the opposite, actually.

ok, i will lock it up, unloaded, where i'm sure it'll come in veryhandy in the case of an emergency. grotesque cow. what did you just say to me? i didn't say anything. ow! jesus! alan! i'm working! who are you talking to?

were you gonna do somethingabout the damn barking? there's something wrong withthe dog, alan. he bit me. i'm fine. you know, you are just lostin your own world in here. i'm not lost in my ownworld! i'm working! i know that. i've supported that.this isn't you working hard. when you start your ownbusiness, it's all on you. - i know that, alan!- i have to do this!

guys. listen, you got todo me a special favor today. i have a golf sessionwith a client. and i'm gonna need you tostay out of my office. ok? ok, dad. all right. i love you guys. fine. you wanna goin, you're going in. go shit on the ceo's carpet. why can't we let him out? mom says mason's grounded.

hey, squirts. why are you, uh...? we have got to do somethingabout that damn dog. a hello would be nice. he was a wrecking ball all day.i had to lock him in your office. well, tether him up. where is he? well, there's the problem.you're remembering it wrong. i promise. i'm notremembering it wrong. - you are, though. mason...- alice carden's australian shepherd,

tobin capp's dalmatian, the petswere never found. none of them. do you remember masontoward the end? vomiting, accidentsall over the house. my therapist had meresearch parvo virus. - oh, my god.- it's a fatal canine illness, flagged by nausea, aggression,infected urine and stool, which, incidentally,can kill plants. mason was sick. all right, i'll take himto the vet tomorrow.

bad news.i don't think we're both coming home. mom, where's mason? uh, he's grounded. are you saying you rememberit happening that way? - are you really saying that?- why not? you're wrong.i saw mom lock him in the office and i sat outside that door allday, and nobody went in or out. have you ever heard of the fuzzytrace theory of human psychology? no. but i'm gonna guess you have.

i'm the star of a psychiatricarticle about it. our brains actually encodeinformation as fuzzy traces. more like a general meaningthan an exact record. - this is horseshit, tim.- adults are more likely to combine those tracesinto false memories. you saw mom put the dog in theoffice on a number of occasions. my god, what did they do to you? way before dad forbade anyoneelse from going in the office. those traces fused withyour memory of that day.

- i feel sorry for you.- ok, what's more likely? that you're misrememberingevents from 11 years ago, or that the mirror eats dogs? oh, look!it's dog! give it some time. a little time. there's nothing going onhere, woman! you're really losing it! i can hear you talking tosomeone, and it sounds like a woman. - you know what, you're crazy!- i'm not crazy!

i can hear you talking to someone. i mean, listen to yourself!"i can hear you through the door." why would i makethis up? i'm not crazy! the water supply is poisoned?and we got a burglar? you're losing your mind. i'm sorry that we woke you up. are you and daddy fighting becauseof the woman in the office? you got to remember that woman.you saw her too. i convinced myself isaw a lot of things.

but what did we really see? mom yelling at dad in themiddle of the night. mom said she heard voices, but itwas probably just dad on the phone. doesn't explain the womani saw through the window. but when did you see her? the first time? we wereplaying in the yard. was mom at home? mom was always home. are you sure about that?because i'm not.

- oh, shit.- shit. get back. get back. he was having an affair,saint that he was. it was a bad marriage.look how it ended up. - no.- our father was a cheater, - and it drove our mother crazy.- stop it. he snapped and he killed her.he was gonna do the same to us. oh, yeah. a bad marriage. that explains how mom had noteeth, no hair, no mind left,

by the time she died.yeah, a bad marriage. that explains those other people weboth saw in the house that last night. he was withdrawn, secretive.all signs of an affair. i had access to all ofmom and dad's stuff. while you were gettingbrainwashed, i looked. not one credit card receipt,phone call, flower order. nothing to suggest an affair. he was smart enoughnot to leave a trail. quiet!

i talked to his friendsand co-workers. if there was anotherwoman, she was a ghost. yeah, i agree, he was withdrawn,secretive, suspicious, sure. all signs of an affair, fine. i'mnot saying he wasn't seduced. it's a matter of what seduced him. and things have been happening inhere while we argue, you know. you know the temperature in herehas risen by three degrees? - three degrees.- two people in a small space, lights burning,electrical equipment...

phone lines are probably downby now. why don't you check? ok, then. let's have a look. dial tone. static? look, kaylie. you candeal with this. i did it. you want to redeem the family name?you don't need to do it for mom and dad. you only need to doit for yourself. oh... they did a bang-up job onyou in there, didn't they?

you were perfectly normalwhen they locked you up. you had to go bat-shit to get out. mason, stop your goddamn whining! you know what?that's it. i'm done. i know i'm supposed towait around for you to find your own way out of this. but i'm not gonna stand hereand let you torture a dog. - what do you think you're doing?- listen to it! stop it!stop it.

no! no! wait! what? - you didn't need to do that.- oh, yes, i did, kaylie. you're sick. nothing you said wouldhappen tonight has happened. the plants are still alive,the mirror is just a mirror. the only thing threateningthat dog was you! and it's not your fault. like it wasn't my fault. i had help, and you were alone.

these kinds of problemsare hard to overcome, but they're nothingto be ashamed of. they run in our family. kaylie, i'm sorry. look... let's get out of here. go some place else andtalk about how to move on. where can we go? oh, kaylie...

where? let's go turn off thosecameras, disarm that anchor... and we can go anywhere you want. go talk to your fiancã©, maybe. he'll want to help.you know he will. kaylie? there it is. ha! yes.

yes! yes. yes. yes. yes! i'm now reviewing the tapeof the last few minutes. he was having anaffair, saint that he was. our father was a cheater,and it drove our mother crazy. - stop it.- he snapped and he killed her. - he was gonna do the same to us.- yeah, a bad marriage. i don't remember doing that.

do you?you don't. the temperature in the room hasincreased another two degrees to 78 degrees fahrenheit... - but the alarms didn't go off...- my phone. we've lost the ficus andthe blooming plants. - my phone.- which tells me that the dog provided at least enoughenergy to bait the shark. i'd better call the doctor. tim. if you're gonnamake a phone call,

you need to do it outsideits radius of influence. otherwise there's no way of knowingwho you're really talking to. hello?hi. yeah. everything's fine now. i'm sorry about earlier.i'll talk to you in an hour. 50/50 that was even him. we need to get out ofthis room for a while. it must've gotten more fromthe dog than i guessed. its radius of influenceappears to be... 30 feet...

which means we're stillgood to go in the kitchen, laundry room, garage,master bedroom, and the yard, front and back.oh, but i doubt for very long. tim? tim! your callcannot be completed as dialed. your call cannot becompleted as dialed. please check thenumber and dial again. tim.

how did i get back in here? what do you mean? you walkedover here and you sat down. - i was outside.- no, you weren't. did you think you were? would you mind sayingthat on camera? hey. hey! it's because you're still herethat i know we're gonna win. do you hear me? do you understand?

when's daddy coming home? you don't know whendaddy's coming home? i don't know where he is. i know where he says he is. kaylie. tell me more about thewoman in the office. i haven't seen her. i have. when?

last night. she wasn't in the office. she was on the stairs. what was she doing? i didn't look. i was scared. but i think she wentback in the office. i think she lives there. you two go upstairs and play.

mom? mom! go! go, tim! mommy, stop! please stop, mommy! marie? hey! hey! baby? sweetheart, you're bleeding.

hey, hey, hey! sweetheart, yougotta go back in your room. but, mommy... your mother's fine. she's going to be all right.just, please, go back inside. shut the door, ok, baby? fuck. yeah, i have anemergency with my wife. everything is fine.

- is mommy ok?- go to bed. snap out of it! are you here? are you here with me? guys, your motheris very, very sick. and, uh, she's gonna need to stayin bed for a while, to rest up. so she can get better. but we don't want youtwo bothering her. we?

so, champ, princess... we're gonna have to stayclear of that room. is that understood? what does she have? now... you are welcome to... hang out in here andplay video games. i thought you said weweren't allowed in here. eat.

come on, i need your help. tim, snap out of it! is that for mom? nice. maybe we should stay together. she still loves me! i'm hungry, kaylie. you need to go groceryshopping, dad. what's that, princess?

- food.- that's on my list. the tv is out. we need to call a doctor for mom. that's on my list. this is stupid. i'm gonna tell herwe're out of food. - but dad said...- i don't care what dad said. she needs a doctor! you told me she wassick, but she's not...

you know what your problem is?you don't listen! i told you not to gointo our room, didn't i? what do you do?you disobey me. why? you disobeyed me, sonow you get grounded. you and your snot-nosedlittle brother over there are not to step footoutside of this house. now, get out of here. ok. thank you.

bye. what did the doctor say? he said to have our father call. like the last one. exactly like the last one. same voice. hi, bob. i'm really sorry to hear that. i hope she gets better soon.

thanks for that, bob. you know what? i'm just sorry shebrought you all the way over here. i mean, she's... you know, usingher mother's illness to act out. wait till she starts driving.this is nothing. well, so sorry to bother you. i hope marie is up and about soon. thank you. hey, you know what?give me a ring next week and we'll play the frontnine at arrowhead.

great. we'll do it. - see ya.- take care. timbo. we're gonna have to getreally, really brave. very clever. and we've lost electric. predictable. a dead plant. it isn't real.

daddy? could you fix the lights? nice tricks. kaylie... oh, my god. do you see him? hello? just checking in,seeing how everything's going. ok, i guess i'll talk to youin an hour. enjoyed the chat.

that's a trick. i didn't kill him. i couldn't have.the plate, it wasn't real. i didn't kill him becausethe plate wasn't real! michael. what did i do?what did i do? come on. we're getting out of here. come on, let's go. i need police and an ambulance.2705 hawthorne. ok, ok.

help is coming. they'll be here.we'll straighten all this out. kaylie, we're ok. we're ok. michael, michael, michael. when was the last time youreset the kitchen timer? - i don't know.- your plan was solid. we don't have to do anything. all we have to do isjust sit here and wait. no more than half an hour.your kill switch. - you called for help?- yeah.

we're done. it's over. we get to stand here andwatch that thing die. it's a trick to get us back inside. what if this is a trick tokeep us standing there? - i called for help.- call again. 911. what's your emergency? yeah, hi, i just called.2705 hawthorne. you're going to have tohave your father call. the doctor will be there tomorrow.

timbo... no! what do we do? we could do nothing. just wait. and watch ourselves get... he looked at the mirrorand took out a gun. we're gonna have to smash it. that's not real. i thought i toldyou not to play around in here.

it's not real. is he gone? he was never here. it just herded us upstairs. we made the right call outside.it's really trying to keep us away. it'll try harder.we have to get downstairs - before that anchor swings.- you have to make sure he's gone first. he's gone. i promise. see, he's... we've got to get downstairs.

she's not gone. - i'm gonna open the door.- no! i'm gonna open the door.if she's not gone... i want you to run rightdown the stairs. - what are you gonna do?- don't worry about that. just run. you ready? i'm gonna open the door. yourun right down the stairs. you trust me, right? i trust you.

one... i love you. two... straight for the stairs. three. just a trick. you're gonna arrest me, timbo? timbo? mommy, please, no. mommy! come on, tim!

it won't let us. i thought i told younot to play around in here. no. this isn't you. it is me. i've met my demons,and they are many. i've seen... i've seen the devil... and he is...

and he is me. dad! let her go! run. no! no! daddy! come on. this isn't real!this isn't real! this isn't real!

mommy? tim. tim look at me. i want you to promise me, thatwhen we're big and we're strong, we will make this right. we have to kill that thing. for mom and dad. kaylie!kaylie! kaylie! he called it in? yeah, he called 911,and then he did this.

where are you taking me? no, it wasn't my fault! - it was the mirror!- tim! wait!stop! it wasn't me! it wasn't me. it was themirror! it was the mirror! please! please! youhave to believe me! it was the mirror!it was the mirror! please! don't forget!

don't forget our promise! don't forget.

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