wohnideen wohnzimmer möbel

wohnideen wohnzimmer möbel

hi viewers, today we’re building a customised tv shelf system for you from the on-trend material of aluminium. i’ll be supported by my angels and hamako. angel team briefing! today, there’s something special on the agenda! the briefing involves: helen the designer, and feli the all-rounder. plus my little contribution and of course hami.

today, we’re planing a tv rack. you know what it’s like to have umpteen devices in your living room but not know where to put them as you don’t have the right furniture. that’s why we’re planning a fully customised tv rack. we want to build this today and are sure it will hold all your devices. based on aluminium, we’ve chosen a design with an industrial style. we’re basing the tv rack’s structure on the image from a wall tattoo. that fits perfectly with the industrial style – which we definitely want to use as it’s extremely popular.we’ll create the effect by having different heights.

and a skyline like this will match it perfectly. so, we’re building the rack like a skyline. first, we had to get the materials. to do this, we went to a diy store. those are the parts for our shelf unit, and we’ll use the coaxisâ® system from alferâ®. aluminium has many advantages. it’s not only modern, but also extremely light yet still stable. first, we make the profiles the right length by measuring and marking them in line with the plan. to cut them, feli uses amitre saw with an aluminium blade. important: don’t forget yourprotective goggles when sawing!

plastic caps will later be attached to the ends. this means they don’t need tobe specially deburred. incidentally, you don’t have to have a mitre saw;a conventional circular saw will also work. before long, feli has cut all the profiles to the right length. before we connect everything together, feli attaches practical feet to the free-standing profiles. we’ve already cut the thread into the profiles using a thread cutter. these connecting brackets join the different profiles. they can be universally used. although the profiles all have different lengths,

the groove is always the same size so that the connecting brackets fit into them wonderfully. we use 35.5 mm profiles for the shelf unit’s legs and 27.5 mm profiles for the cross bars. to turn these into a shelf unit, we need these support profiles, which fit wonderfully into the groove and later support the actual shelves. exactly, and what we’re still missing are the end caps, which we simply press onto here. onto one side. and the other side.

then you can slide it onto here wonderfully easily. and so, our tv rack is gradually taking shape. we attach the end cap and can continue! now comes the clever bit! everyone can create something normal. that’s why we have something special here. unlike conventional shelf units, the shelf heights here can be infinitely adjusted. simply move the shelf to the desiredheight and tighten. and as you can see here, the combinationoptions know few bounds.

under hami’s watchful eye, feliattaches all cross bars at the right height. is that ok? we use the narrow coaxis⮠profile as supports for the wide shelves. super. yes, perfect.we just need to tighten it. ok. now we just need the actual shelves, and we have a whole range of these in all sorts of sizes. we bought them from a diy store, which cut and glued them for us. we chose coated chipboard shelves,

which we simply place on the support profiles. an extra-wide shelf should later provide space for our tv. the shelves are screwed on in a flash. now, is everything level? the height of the adjusting feet can be individually changed, which is extremely practical as uneven floor areas can be compensated. all level! now we just need the devices. ah, but there’s lots of extra space! the practical thing about this design is that the shelves are infinitely height-adjustable.

that means that we can alter the height so that the devices fit precisely without wasting any space. perfect. to move the shelves, simply loosen the screws on the connector brackets and slide the profiles to the right height. now we can fill the shelves! even hamako is satisfied with the result. we’ve used the remaining profiles to build a half-height shelf unit, which we place at the edge. wall tattoos with a clock design match the industrial style.

and the skyline silhouette reflects the shape of the tv rack. wall tattoos can be found in home stores and online. industrial style means that we combine old factory objects with modern units. a few colourful accessories for a homely touch are also a must. warm tones can be skilfully combined with technical items. simply try things out! clutter disappears into boxes. of course, we set the storage shelves to the precise heights we’d need in advance. a final inspection by the expert… and we’re done!

the result is impressive! the aluminium tv rack is truly eye catching. the aluminium profiles are functional yet chic. there’s somewhere to store all items! head-turners like a cult camera add that extra little something. industrial design combined with warm colours looks elegant yet cosy. you can therefore create a homely room in industrial style. until next time!

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