inspiration für wohnzimmer

inspiration für wohnzimmer

nobody thinks that "taxi driver"is an indictment of taxi drivers they don't think it speaksfor all taxi drivers you understand that travis bickleis an individual who's doing what he's doing you don't have to like's irrelevant and i just wishthat people felt more that way about female characters instead of thinking female charactersrepresent all women they're just individuals,on their own little journey

i've always been a bit of a weirdo, really i couldn't wait to leave school,because i was quite aware that my weirdness didn't havemuch currency at school it was like i kind of knew"this is not it" i'm going to have more fun later on when i can find people that are like me i got offered to pitch a scriptwith the view of being in it and so i pitched the script.they loved it but the director,who'd requested me to do that

when he saw the pitchhe was like, "it's great i think you should direct it" and i was like, "oh my god,as if i don't have enough to do!" but at the same timei knew it was a great opportunity i did want to direct i just didn't wantto direct pregnant, necessarily childbirth is the stuffof horror, isn't it? it's like transformation, blood, screaming there's an element of sci-fito the whole thing

a creature living within you parasites i think there's a sort of fear that comes from having beenon your own for quite a long time and doing whatever it is you want to do your narcissism is about to be cut short by someone else's narcissism because babies arejust little egos, really but i think that doessort of send a ripple of terror

through a lot of peoplewhen they have kids i sometimes talkabout the characters being an anti superheroine whose special powers are pregnancy that this human beinghas the power within them to recreate themselves with a clone so i think it'sthe perfect fodder for horror i think a lot of horror springs from it especially the horror within

my favorite horror films are thingslike "carrie," "the shining" "don't look now," "rosemary's baby" and they all deal withkind of liminal transgressions like human transgressions it's all sort of dealingwith a person crossing over from normality into craziness the film is questioning ideasof selfishness in society we know that we're supposedto be nice to pregnant women and we know that we're supposedto be nice to babies

but why don't we extend thatto the whole of society? horror is the ultimate cinematic genre you're going to see stuff that you don't normally seewalking down the street and i think that'swhat brings people into the cinema is those visual sort of "assaults" - put a hand on the table.- yeah just more, i'd say--or both, even kick forwards through the blood

as though you're tryingto push yourself. yeah. because i've got a lotof experience as an actress and being on set, generally i kind of have a sixth senseof where the camera is and what the camera is seeing it's kind of like sleepwalking for me it's like where i need to stand,and where my light is and all of that stuffseems to be instinctive now i'm kind of like more interestedin the vibe in the room

so even if i wasn't acting i think i would be looking at the actors rather than looking at the monitor the whole spectacle of film,surely, is that you feel like you're getting a glimpseof something that really happened and that's why i likethese very naturalistic realistic performances i want the audience to forgetthat they're watching a film that they almost feelthat they're sitting in the living room

with the characters and so when the violence occurs they feel like they'veactually witnessed it to the extent that they evenfeel implicated in it everyone's life is important what their hopes and dreams areare significant to them so i don't want you to look at ruth and go, "oh, she'sa completely dreadful woman" i want you to go,"what's led her to this?

how can i empathize with this character to understand what makes her tick?" i think that's what we needto do more, as audiences and that's what i wanted peopleto do with these characters i wanted them to--they don't have to like her i don't care whether you like her i just want you to understand her

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