fest dekoration selber machen

fest dekoration selber machen

in this video i show you how to make lipsticksout of candy. we're making a galaxy lipstick out of gummy worms and bears, cotton candylipstick from love hearts and rainbow lipstick out of lollipops. hey loves! i'm back with another diy and today we are making lipsticks out of candy! i'mgoing to show you three different recipes and there is real candy in all of them. tomake the lipsticks even more epic i came up with 3 crazy designs: galaxy, cotton candyand rainbow. i had so much fun with this diy and i really think you should try it out!i mean – how cool are these lips right?! this video is also a collaboration with alejandrafrom alejandra's styles channel. she made an awesome diy lipsticks tutorial as welland you should definitely check it out – it

will be linked in the end of this video andin the description bar below. but first let's make some yummy candy lipsticks! let's kick off with an awesome galaxy lipstickmade with gummy candy! this lipstick is absolutely spectacular and makes your lips look likea real galaxy. i am completely obsessed with it so here's how you can make yours. takesome gummy candy, coconut oil, non toxic crayons, glitter and lipstick container. put together a double boiler by pouring somewater into the pan and placing in two little bowls. turn the heat on. put about half ateaspoon of coconut oil into each bowl. here comes the yummy part where you get to choseyour favorite gummy candy to mix into the

lipstick. i decided to go for sour gummy worm– so yummy and a gummy bear. it's totally allowed to taste some too. for the color takea violet and blue nontoxic crayons or even better, face crayons. yes, girl you gottato put some glitter into this lipstick because without stars there's no galaxy. let all theingredients melt completely. the candy will dissolve last, so be patient. when all theingredients are melted take your lipstick container and alternately pour in your blueand violet mixture to get a lovely marble effect. let the lipstick set for a few minutes.to speed up the process you can put it in the fridge or on the balcony if you live somewherecold as me. here's our finished result – isn't it beautiful?! i didn't just made one galaxylipstick but two. on top of that i made two

lipsticks using three colors. i pour one ofthese into a lip balm pot. i know, i know, it's kind of an obsession, but these reallyare so much fun to make. see how nice and pigmented this lipstick is? you can make itusing any other color too. i do recommend using face crayons because they are meantto be used on skin so they are 100% safe. anyway, i love these galaxy lipsticks so much,they make the lips look so cool and special. next we are making an awesome cotton candylipstick out of love hearts. love hearts are super yummy and they are sold pretty mucheverywhere in the world so i had to make a lipstick using these! for the colors i chosepink and blue hence the name cotton candy. to make this lipstick you need old eyeshadowsor pigments, coconut oil, beeswax, love hearts

and a lip-balm pot. make double boiler as we did with our galaxylipstick. place two little bowls in the water. time to get all scientific and mix up ourlipstick from scratch. put half a teaspoon of coconut oil in each of the melting pots.add 3 little drops of beeswax. ok, let's now give some color to our lipstick mixtures.take an old eyeshadow that you don't use anymore and scoop out some pigment. i went for blueand pink. instead of eyeshadow you can also use food coloring or a beetroot powder asa natural alternative. whatever you decide to use add it to your lipstick mixture. finallyit's time for the star of the show which are the love hearts. these little candies don'tmelt so i found another way to incorporate

them into our lipsticks. put a few love heartsinto a food processor or a coffee bean grinder. grind until you get a smooth powdery texturelike confectioner sugar. look at this awesome sugary cloud out of love hearts, cool. put aroundone teaspoon of the powdered love hearts into our lipstick mixture. give it a little stirto combine all the ingredients. get your lipstick pot ready and all that's left to do is topour your blue and pink lipstick mixture in. voila we are all done! see how nice and pigmentedmy colors are. you can make your lipstick more or less pigmented by adjusting the amountof eyeshadow you mix in. i also made one in a lipstick container, how pretty! this oneis great if you want the pink and blue to apply randomly on the lips, while with thepot you have more control. dip your finger

or lip brush in pink and apply it on the lipswhere you want that color. you can create epic lip designs that way. i mean look atmy crazy lips. i made diagonal lines alternating blue and pink, pretty awesome? you are totallyallowed to go for more wearable lips too. all the three recipes i show you today, willalso work without candy. the lipsticks will work just as great, but i love adding candycause it adds a bit of scent and yummy flavour. last but definitely not least we're makingrainbow lipstick out of lollipops! this recipe is perfect if you need to upcycle your olderlipsticks, and we are also adding crushed lollipop for the perfect fruity scent andtaste. you will need lipsticks – i am using four different colors, one or more lollipopsand a lipstick container.

make a double boiler and put in as many meltingpots as you need to melt different colored lipsticks. i have four - so four little glassbowls for me. you can also melt your lipstick in a microwave if you prefer. take your lipsticksof different colors. at the bottom of each lipstick there is usually a lot of product,that you can scrape out. take small amounts of each lipstick color and put them into meltingbowls. now we can spice up the lipstick with some candy. take a lollipop or any other hardcandy, put it in a plastic bag and crush it with a hammer. so just go wild and releaseall your frustrations on that lollipop, just kidding poor lolly... add the crushed lollipopsto the melting lipsticks. i like to combine colors of lollipops with colors of lipsticksso red lolly goes to red lipstick and blue

one goes to blue lipstick. give all the colorsa good stir to help the lollipop melt. alright we can now put all these colors together intoa pretty rainbow lipstick. get your container ready and start pouring the mixtures alternatingcolors as you go. i started with yellow, then red, orange and violet and again yellow andso on until the lipstick container is completely full. leave it to cool down for a few minutesand you're finished! i also decided to make one lipstick in the pot. since i don't havefour arms to pour in all the colors at once – here's how you do it. place an object- i'm using a knife - under one side of the lipstick pot. then pour in your first color.rotate the pot for 90 degrees and pour in another color. repeat these steps for theremaining two colors and there you have it

– an epic lipstick wheel, how cool is that?! again these lipsticks are super creamy andpigmented, which i love. i wanted to have fun so i used all the rainbow colors and createdthese cool rainbow lips. the easiest way to make them is using a lip brush. load the brushwith color and apply on a part of your top and bottom lip. then take another color andapply it next to the first one. you get awesome rainbow lips perfect for everyday. just kiddingbut i would wear lips like these for a party, carnival or a music festival. aren't these lipsticks absolutely fantastic?you should tell me in the comments which one you like best. i love all three but i thinkgalaxy is probably my favorite! don't forget

to check out alejandra's video and subscribeto her channel. she makes awesome diy tutorials, so beautifully filmed and i am sure you willlove her. thank you so much for watching i love you to the moon and back and i'll seeyou soon. bye! step outside the box and try out somethingnew. is candy just a candy or could it be something else? should lips always be red,nude or pink? just as you, they can be anything - a mysterious galaxy, sweet cotton candyor a happy rainbow.

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